Share files and clipboards over network




Easily and quickly send files and folders to other computers across your LAN by simple drag & drop. No password, no network share, no USB drive. Just drag & drop files to target and it's done.

Beyond Share also lets you share clipboard between computers. So you can copy anything on one computer, then paste on another. Just like you did on your local computer.

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Copy text, URL

Want to open same web page on desktop to get a better view than laptop?

  • No need to type the long URL again
  • No need to save the URL to a file
  • Just select the URL, copy it, then paste it on desktop. Enjoy your big screen

Copy Table, Sheet

Need to copy a MS Word table or an Excel sheet to another computer?

  • No need to copy the file over to get it
  • Absolutely no need to re-draw them
  • Just select the table or sheet, copy it, then paste on another computer

Transfer File, folder

Want to transfer some files from one computer to another?

  • No need to enable network shared folder
  • No need to use an USB drive
  • Just drag & drop the files to target


You'll find out that Beyond Share is a very handy application when you want to share music and photos with your families; Copy things back and forth between your multiple computers; Or communicate with your colleagues in an office easily.

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